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Recycling & Waste Task Force Group

Recycling & Waste Task Force Group

Would you like to be involved with the Recycling & Waste Task Force? E-mail us at
The Waste and Recycling sub-group is focused on sustainability issues related to the four “R’s” – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot.

Initial Efforts

  • Establish a Freecycle Cafe: Form an online listing/community where Alamedans can communicate to barter or exchange goods.
  • Establish an online listing of Alameda specific Recycling and Reuse opportunities: Provide information on where, in Alameda, to recycle materials, where to find recyclable products, etc.
  • Add Alameda Freecycle to listings: Expand the visibility of Alameda Freecycle by listing in the Stopwaste county guide and on their website.  To learn more about Alameda Freecycle go here.
  • Stop Junkmail: Make Alamedans aware of services that help reduce junkmail and encourage participation.  Where possible establish partnership(s) with CASA and these organizations.  SUCCESS STORY: To get started now, check out the links listed below .
  • Food Scrap Recycling: Develop and implement an outreach program to educate Alameda residents on the benefits of this program and how to do it effectively.
  • Recycling in Schools: Develop and implement recycling programs in Alameda schools.

Related Links

Alameda Freecycle


-Do it yourself with the Stopwaste guide or the Stop Junk Mail Kit

-Services that will stop junk mail for a fee: Greendimes41poundsCatalog ChoiceDMAchoice


– Yellow Pages Go Green
Stopwaste or the Stopwaste Recycling Guide for Alameda County
California Integrated Waste Management Board

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