Alameda Earth Palooza: A Season of Caring about the Environment

CASA is organizing the Alameda Earth Palooza happening in April and May, 2017.   The Alameda Earth Palooza will expand Earth Day into a season of caring about the environment with a series of local events.   CASA will coordinate the calendar of events  to showcase the full range of Alameda’s sustainable initiatives and programs. The purpose of the Alameda Earth Palooza is to give our community lots of ways to get involved in the sustainability movement in Alameda and to highlight our city as one of the greenest cities in CA!  We are asking local groups to organize and sponsor one or more events in April thru May to coincide with Earth Day.

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CASA supports putting solar power on AUSD schools

If you are interested in learning about the new “Alameda Solar Schools” initiative and how you, as part of the Alameda community, can help push this effort forward, please go to the Alameda Solar Schools website.

You can help make an immediate impact by signing this new petition. We hope to obtain at least 200 signatures (by Oct 14th – next AUSD board meeting) to convince the Alameda Board of Education to keep moving down the path of putting SOLAR POWER on our schools.

Please share this information via your networks with Alameda friends and neighbors today!

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Help us support Solar in Alameda Schools

Help us support Solar in Alameda Schools by attending this week’s June 10th Alameda School Board Meeting!!
(6:30-8pm at ALAMEDA CITY HALL, 2263 Santa Clara Ave.)
Thank you to the many who showed your support last week for SOLAR POWER in ALAMEDA SCHOOLS. Your emailed letters over 1-week worked!!


• Over 115 emails sent w/signatures to Superintendent Vital and the AUSD Board (that we were Bcc’d on)
• Agreement from the Board to put SOLAR on this week’s Board Mtg Agenda (Tues, 6/10)
• Board “discussion” (nothing firm) to amend language around SOLAR within AUSD’s Nov Bond text
Definite progress. The Community has now made the AUSD Board aware that many would like to see SOLAR in the schools. However, the Board’s big concern now is whether enough local residents will vote “yes” on a BOND that includes language around solar power / alternative energy / energy-efficiency.

Next Steps

We need your help  and attendance this Tuesday night from 6:30-8pm (Council Chambers, CITY HALL).

We need to show #’s (people in attendance, raising hands, Standing-Room-Only, no speaking required) at this June 10th School Board Meeting in support of SOLAR within both the ~$590 millon Facilities Master Plan (again, at an estimated $14.6 million, or less, solar would be a mere 2.5%) and related Nov Bond Initiative. If not included now, there are no guarantees the District will have any $ to move forward with solar power.

The Board needs to know that people will ONLY vote on a Bond Initiative this fall that includes SOLAR POWER.

Meeting Details:

• WHERE: Tues, 6/10 at City Hall (2263 Santa Clara Ave, 3rd floor Council Chambers)
• WHEN: Please come to Public Comments (6:30-8pm, may end earlier) — We are “shooting” for Standing Room Only (please pass this on!)
• SPEAKERS: We are looking for 2-3 community speakers. Please contact Debi Ryan (CASA Steering Committee) @ if you’re interested in speaking out about why SOLAR is important to for AUSD and our Community at large (Parents, Teachers, Students, VOTERS). We welcome your input and involvement.
• 6/10 Board Mtg Agenda can be found viagra feminin forum rale here. Public Comments are under section D, #7
Now is the time (if any) to influence the AUSD Board. Their deadline to complete BOND language for Nov is in just a few weeks. While the district has had the FINAL “Solar Master Plan”, authored pro-bono by nonprofit KyotoUSA, officially in-hand since May 20, Superindendent Vital, the District and QKA Architects (leading the Facilities Master Plan) have been part of its development for months.

Please also note: The BOND language being discussed for inclusion by the Board (sent via email on Sat, 6/7 by Board Member – Mike MaMahon – to anyone who sent in a letter) is unfortunately NOT sufficient. This language commits AUSD to NOTHING going forward: “Assess the viability of implementing elements from the proposed draft Solar Master Plan when reviewing major construction projects.” We are already working with them and are hopeful that this language can be effectively amended this week. Your attendence this Tuesday (6/10) will absolutely help to push this forward.

Please share & socialize this upcoming event with your Alameda neighbors and networks (Facebook, Twitter, YahooGroups, blogs, etc.)

Thank you!!

~ CASA Steering Committee

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Urgent: Help make Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) GO SOLAR in 2015!

If you are supportive of seeing the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) GO SOLAR in 2015, please help by taking 2 minutes to EMAIL the letter below to Superintendent Kirsten Vital and AUSD Board President, Margie Sherratt.

Emails MUST be received by: Tomorrow, Wed, Jun 4th

(Goal = Send at least 100 letters to their inbox!!)


The AUSD Board is finalizing the final draft of its “Facilities Master Plan” during a meeting tomorrow (6/4). At present, solar power is not included. However, as noted in the letter below, a pro-bono analysis (solar master plan) presented to AUSD indicates that incorporating on-site solar power on 15-school sites, will not only enable our schools to be more GREEN, but will (as estimated):

  • Save AUSD over $16 million over the next 20 years in electricity costs
  • Deliver AUSD $637,000 in immediate Year-1 savings
  • Deliver increased savings year-over-year for 19-years to follow, that the District can put right back into its “General Fund” to support ALL other programs, teachers, technologies, facilities upgrades and more

Few other investments have this kind of financial return. There’s a reason K-12 school districts all around us (Bay Area and beyond) have already gone solar – in addition to the clear environmental value. This is a WIN for everyone involved.

Again – If you want to help, please EMAIL this letter today to the email addresses below, and PLEASE FORWARD this onto your friends/neighbors/network ASAP to do the same.

This will have immediate impact.

Here’s the Letter to Email (copy and paste the text into your e-mail and customize those areas highlighted in Bold Red text):

Email Recipients (To):,
Email Recipients (Cc):,,,
Email Recipients (Bcc): (so we may track # of letters sent)

Email Subject: URGENT: AUSD Solar Master Plan

Dear Superintendent Vital and Board President Sherratt,

As a registered Alameda voter (and as applies – and parent of children who have attended/ who currently attend / who will soon attend Alameda Public Schools OR as a student at [SCHOOL NAME] ), I am writing to ask that the Solar Master Plan developed by KyotoUSA with support from Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA):
• be included in the District’s Facilities Master Plan, and
• be shared publicly as a future school board meeting agenda item as related to the Facilities Master Plan and November Bond proposal.
Similar to the many California and Bay Area K-12 school districts who have already implemented solar technology, it is my understanding that an investment in on-site solar power across Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) sites will help our schools dramatically reduce the cost of electricity now provided by Alameda Municipal Power (AMP), as well as the production of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The cost savings will provide our District’s General Fund with significant, long-term financial benefits, on an annual basis, for the next 20 years or more (solar panels today often last up to 30 years) that the District may easily re-allocate directly to new programs, teachers, facility improvements and more.

In summary (as per the 5/27/14 AUSD board meeting public comments), this Solar Master Plan would cost the District ~ $14.6 million to install solar across 15-school sites. Doing so would save the District more than $16 million over 20-years, starting immediately with 1st year savings estimated at $637,000 and increasing annually.

What comparable investments (with such guaranteed, beneficial savings) is the District considering to include within its Facilities Master Plan and bond proposal?

As per AUSD’s website, the Alameda Sun (5/22/14 article) and general board meeting public comments, I commend the District for the task it has taken on to design a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan. This is clearly a challenging effort. While long overdue it is obvious that careful consideration of many necessary items has been taken into account. However, the addition of solar power with a cost that is merely 2.5% of the total $590 million draft Facilities Master Plan appears well worth its inclusion, given the vast benefits.

This is a move that is supported by residents throughout Alameda (young, older, renters or homeowners). It will set the stage to further attract new residents, businesses and innovation – all looking to join such a forward-thinking, charming community that is both financially responsible, and interested in leaving a better planet for generations to come.

Thank you for your consideration.



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Alameda Climate Protection Forum – Celebrating 5 Years of Achievements

Alameda Climate Protection Forum

April 24th, 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Albert H. DeWitt Officers’ Club, 641 West Redline Ave.

Join us on April 24th to see how much progress Alameda has made in efforts to reduce carbon emissions and find ways you can get involved either at home or in the community!

The City of Alameda and Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA) are hosting a forum to celebrate Alameda’s progress towards meeting the goals of Alameda’s Local Action Plan for Climate Protection.  It has been 5 years since the city adopted its local action plan, and there is exciting progress to report. The forum will highlight:

  • Results of the recent Green House Gas Emissions Inventory Baseline Update
  • Inspiring presentation by Cece Reinhardt and Brenda Daugherty, two Alamedans making a big commitment to live with a small carbon footprint. Cece and Brenda will talk about their journey along the path to small footprint living including their travels in their Green RV and their recent purchase of a 483 square foot house in Alameda. EXTRA BONUS – Cece and Brenda will have their RV on hand for tours after the forum!
  • Local heroes who step up to help reduce the city’s carbon emissions

Participants include: Alameda Backyard Growers, Alameda Green Schools Challenge, BikeWalk Alameda, Alameda Municipal Power, Alameda County Green Business Program, CASA, City of Alameda, and Miss Alameda

Background: In 2008 the City of Alameda adopted a Local Plan for Climate Protection, the goal of which is “to reduce Alameda’s carbon emissions to 25% below 2005 levels by the year 2020”.

In September 2008 CASA was formed to help achieve that goal and to fulfill one of the top 7 goals of the Local Plan for Climate Protection which is to “Develop a multi-faceted community outreach program to increase public awareness and participation in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions”.

Contact Information: David Burton, President of CASA: 510.593.9998 or

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What: Tell the City Council NOT to opt out of the countywide ban on plastic bags!

When: City Council Meeting, February 21st, 7:00pm

Where: City Council Chambers, 2263 Santa Clara Ave.

On February 21st, the City Council will hear a recommendation to “opt-out” of the countywide plastic bag ban. We need folks to come to the meeting and tell the City Council NOT to opt out. On January 25th the Alameda County Waste Management Authority adopted a countywide plastic bag ban (which includes a ban a plastic and fee on paper at large grocery stores and pharmacies) and has given cities the opportunity until March 2nd to “opt out” of the countywide ban.

The Public Works staff report says that staff needs more time to conduct outreach to residents and businesses in Alameda who would be affected by the ban and that the City can consider “opting-in” to the ordinance later this year.

CASA encourages the City Council NOT to opt out.

  • This is a countywide ordinance and to be most effective it needs to be implemented countywide.

  • The Alameda County Waste Management Authority will be providing staffing for the implementation of the ban countywide. If Alameda opts out it will not get the county-level staff support needed to implement the ban and this will fall on Alameda staff to conduct.

  • The affected retailers (large grocery stores and

    pharmacies) have all been made aware of the countywide ordinance and there is general acceptance of the approach (ban on plastic, fee on paper) among the retail community.

  • Coming late to the party will be more trouble than it is worth. The Alameda County Waste Management Authority is providing outreach, education and enforcement of the ban and they need to know who is in and who is out in order to move forward with their outreach.

Please contact the mayor and council and let your neighbors know that Alamedan’s want to participate in the countywide ban.

At this meeting, the City Council will also consider the staff recommendation to NOT “opt out” of the mandatory recycling ordinance. CASA has been very active in supporting the City in moving forward with its own mandatory ordinance and we must also encourage the City Council to accept the staff recommendation not to “opt out”.

Thanks for your help!

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FREE Bike Safety Classes!!

FREE BikeAlameda Bike Safety Classes

Three dates – Sun. Oct. 23rd, Sun. Nov. 6th, and Sun. Nov. 13th

BikeAlameda is pleased to announce three bike safety classes for all ages this Fall. These classes teach riding skills and traffic rules that can help you be safe, aware and visible while riding. Becoming confident in how to share the road with other vehicles can greatly increase your enjoyment of your ride. It feels great to choose your bike as your primary means of transportation or to ride with your kids to their activities, but it is no fun to be nervous in traffic. Let us help you feel safe, supported, and ready to choose your bike whenever you can.

Family Cycling Workshop

Sunday, October 23rd from 10:00am to 12:30pm

Ruby Bridges Elementary School (351 Jack London Ave., Alameda)

This fun filled morning of activities teaches kids of all ages how to ride steadily, use hand signals, start and stop smoothly and ride without training wheels. Parents learn about rules of the road and tips for riding with children in traffic. Everyone learns how to check a bike before you ride and fit a helmet so it can best protect you in case of a fall. Refreshments provided and a free blinky light set for all participants.
The workshop is free but preregistration is required – FREE REGISTRATION HERE

Bike Skilz Workshop for Teens ages 12-18

Sunday, November 6th from 12:30pm to 3:30pm

Lincoln Middle School (1250 Fernside Blvd., Alameda)

This cialis generique workshop is specially designed to be fun and informative for teens. Participants learn bike handling skills, rules of the road, techniques for riding in traffic and what you and your bike need to enjoy your ride and be safe on the streets. The class will address the unique challenges teens face while riding and empowers them with their rights and responsibilities on the road. Refreshments and a free bike $wag for all participants.

Immediately following this workshop will be a group ride in memory of Brandon Sorensen, a Lincoln Middle School student, who died this spring while riding his bicycle on Santa Clara Ave. He loved to ride his bike and all are welcome to ride along with the group in honor of him.

The workshop is free but preregistration is required , FREE REGISTRATION FOR THE WORKSHOP AND/OR MEMORIAL BIKE RIDE HERE

Traffic Skills 101 for Adults and Teens ages 14 and up

Sunday, November 13th 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Alameda Southshore Center (next to Payless shoes)

This is a 3.5 hour presentation of a variety of information you should know while sharing the road with other vehicles. You learn the traffic laws designed to protect you, the ideal road positions and signaling techniques to communicate with other vehicles, how to equip your bike for its best performance and avoid crashes and what to wear to protect yourself if you do. The best promotion of a bicycle commuting lifestyle to others is for them to see you in action. So take the class. be viagra sans ordonnance safe, aware and predictable, and enjoy at least part of your day, everyday. Refreshments and a free Road Skills manual for all participants.
The workshop is free but preregistration is required – FREE REGISTRATION HERE

For more information about these classes, BikeAlameda’s nonprofit work, and membership benefits please visit the BikeAlameda Website

These classes are fun and attending one will give you great new confidence on the road.  Here is

a testimonial from a delighted class attendee:
“I’ve ridden a bike all my life, using it for recreation, commuting, errands, etc. I thought I was a knowledgeable street rider, but when I took the Bike Education and Safety Class, I learned so much more. I ride more confidently and safely now in high-traffic areas with complicated intersections, as well as on quiet, narrow streets. When I was a kid, bicycle helmets were unheard of, and I was resistant to them. I started wearing one when I began to ride into areas of Oakland where the drivers weren’t very accommodating of cyclists and the pavements were really potholed and bumpy. I’m a confirmed helmet wearer now – mine has saved my life a couple of times, ironically, here in Alameda.” – Shelley Reed

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Support our local restaurants with the MASC Restaurant Crawl

This Sunday please come out and participate in the first MASC Restaurant Crawl!

MASC Restaurant Crawl flyer

Over the past year, Jessica Robinson, Miss Alameda, has been helping schools and restaurants in Alameda to recycle and compost. The restaurant program is called “Miss Alameda Says Compost!” or “MASC” for short. The MASC program has been quite successful in the last year recruiting 30 restaurants, diverting 473 tons of resources from the landfill, avoiding 546 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and saving participating restaurants $33,800 annually!

CASA, through a grant we received from the Altamont Education Advisory Board, has been supporting the MASC program by providing free recycling and composting bins to participating restaurants.

To celebrate the restaurants who are now participating in the MASC program Jessica is sponsoring the following event:

MASC Restaurant Crawl
When: Sunday, October 16th from 1 to 4 p.m.
Where: Participating restaurants on Park St. & Webster St. (see list below)

Tickets are $25 in advance (purchase here through Brown Paper Tickets) or $30 at the door. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Alameda Schools.

Check in for the event will be at the following locations:

East side (Park St) location:
Alameda Theater
2317 Central Ave
Alameda, CA 94501

West side (Webster St) location:
Hawthorn Suites
1628 Webster St
Alameda, CA 94501

Please come out to reward the recycling and composting efforts of our local restaurants! Enjoy some great local food and help support our local schools at the same time!

See the attached flyer for additional information about the event and below for a list of participating restaurants.

Go green!

Here is a partial list of the participating MASC Restaurants:

New York Pizza
Habanas Cuban Cuisine
Churchward Pub
Ole’s Waffle Shop
Taqueria Viva Mexico
Taqueria Ramiro and Sons
Angela’s Bistro
Cera Una Volta
Scolari’s Good Eats
Zen Restaurant
Yellow Tail Bistro Restaurant
Tucker’s Ice Cream
Speisekammer Restaurant
Rock Wall Wines
Dragon Rouge- will be on MASC program shortly!!!

Plus more…. soon to be MASC participants!!!

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