Residential and Business Climate Protection Checklists


Help Alameda Protect the Climate! Each of Us Can Make a Difference!

Post this checklist in a prominent location at home. Tackle one or two items at a time, checking them off as you complete projects and change habits. In addition to protecting the climate, you’ll save money and incorporate a little more activity into your lifestyle. Check out helpful resources on page 2.

CASA-Climate Protection Residential Checklist January 2017


As one of the many wonderful community organizations in Alameda, you are critical to CASA’s success! Please consider taking the following actions to lead by example and help Alameda meet our climate protection objectives. In addition to protecting the climate, many of the items will also help reduce your organization’s overhead costs.

CASA Climate Protection Community Organization Checklist January 2017

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Volunteers needed for Bike to Work Day May 11, 2017

Bike Walk Alameda is looking for volunteers to help with Bike To Work Day on May 11, 2017.  email:    phone: (510) 595-4690

Over the years, Bike to Work Day has become one of Bike Walk Alameda’s most prominent efforts for promoting cycling as a safe and enjoyable way to get to work. As Alameda’s population grows and changes to include new families who are looking for alternatives to a grueling car commute, successful events like Bike to Work Day are more important than ever.   Making our Bike to Work Day event happen is a team effort, and we need your help.

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Alameda Earth Palooza: A Season of Caring for the Earth

CASA is organizing the Alameda Earth Palooza happening March 21-June 21, 2017.   The Alameda Earth Palooza will expand Earth Day into a season of caring for the Earth with a series of local events.   CASA will coordinate a calendar of events  to showcase the full range of Alameda’s sustainable initiatives and programs. The purpose of the Alameda Earth Palooza is to give our community lots of ways to get involved in the sustainability movement in Alameda and to highlight our city as one of the greenest cities in CA!  We are asking local groups to organize and sponsor one or more events  March 21 – June 21 to coincide with Earth Day and Spring.

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Downloads Here

Alameda’s Local Action Plan for Climate Protection

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Transportation Task Force Group

Would you like to be involved with the Transportation Task Force? E-mail us at
The Transportation sub-group is focused on sustainability issues related to public transit, car and ride sharing, bicycle use, and reduction of tranportation related emissions.

Initial Efforts

  • Alameda ride sharing: Create an online resource to connect Alamedans interested in non-commuting ride sharing opportunities.
  • Use CASA website, and other communication tools, to increase awareness of and promote the website.  SUCCESS STORY! – see links below!
  • Carpooling: Improve and increase safe and legal carpooling opportunities.  NEW! – See link below for information on carpooling in Alameda and around the Bay Area.
  • Car sharing: Work with car share providers to establish and/or expand service within Alameda.
  • Walk and Roll to School: Work with AUSD and PTA to promote and expand these programs at all schools.
  • Alameda Shuttle Service: Advocate for a feasibility study for a shuttle bus service to serve Alameda.

Alameda Advocacy Groups and Local Information

Local/Regional Transit and Carpooling Opportunities

  • 511 – Centralized information on transit, traffic, ride sharing and bicycling.
    • – homepage
    • 511 TakeTransit Trip Planner – an automated tool for planning public transit trips in the Bay Area
    • 511 Transit – unified information from all Bay Area tranist agencies, including maps, schedules, fares, and much more.
  • AC Transit – local line 19, 50, 51, and 63 as well as transbay service on lines O, OX, and W.
  • East Bay Ferries – Alameda/Oakland and Harbor Bay
  • BART
  • Amtrak – out of Oakland and Emeryville
  • Paratransit – Information on the City of Alameda’s Paratransit service, or contact the Mastick Senior Center at 510-747-7500.
  • Casual Carpools – Information on casual carpools in the Bay Area.  There is a casual carpool in Alameda at the corner of Encinal Ave. and Park Street (northwest corner)

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Recycling & Waste Task Force Group

Would you like to be involved with the Recycling & Waste Task Force? E-mail us at
The Waste and Recycling sub-group is focused on sustainability issues related to the four “R’s” – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot.

Initial Efforts

  • Establish a Freecycle Cafe: Form an online listing/community where Alamedans can communicate to barter or exchange goods.
  • Establish an online listing of Alameda specific Recycling and Reuse opportunities: Provide information on where, in Alameda, to recycle materials, where to find recyclable products, etc.
  • Add Alameda Freecycle to listings: Expand the visibility of Alameda Freecycle by listing in the Stopwaste county guide and on their website.  To learn more about Alameda Freecycle go here.
  • Stop Junkmail: Make Alamedans aware of services that help reduce junkmail and encourage participation.  Where possible establish partnership(s) with CASA and these organizations.  SUCCESS STORY: To get started now, check out the links listed below .
  • Food Scrap Recycling: Develop and implement an outreach program to educate Alameda residents on the benefits of this program and how to do it effectively.
  • Recycling in Schools: Develop and implement recycling programs in Alameda schools.

Related Links

Alameda Freecycle


-Do it yourself with the Stopwaste guide or the Stop Junk Mail Kit

-Services that will stop junk mail for a fee: Greendimes41poundsCatalog ChoiceDMAchoice


– Yellow Pages Go Green
Stopwaste or the Stopwaste Recycling Guide for Alameda County
California Integrated Waste Management Board

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Education & Outreach Task Force Group

Would you like to be involved with the Education & Outreach Task Force? E-mail us at

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