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Community Action for Sustainable Alameda (CASA), a nonprofit based in Alameda, CA, is offering part-time internships this summer for graduate and undergraduate students interested in sustainability, equity, and public policy. CASA partners closely with City staff, and intern projects are designed to support the implementation of the City’s award-winning Climate Action & Resiliency Plan.

Project descriptions

The Social Equity Intern will build upon and synthesize the City’s existing equity work, in particular a Social Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) that was part of the City’s 2019 climate action plan. The intern will update the 2019 SVA for use in updating Alameda’s Local Hazard Mitigation Plan and Climate Action and Resiliency Plan. The intern will also establish a social equity framework to evaluate and improve hazard mitigation and climate adaptation strategies to incorporate a social equity lens. The intern may also develop more specific and accountable metrics and lay the groundwork for a local definition of “disadvantaged communities” which is a designation often used in allocation of state and federal funds.

The Equitable Communications and Education Intern will develop equitable communications and education resources to engage hard to reach populations. The intern will conduct a literature review of best practices and conduct a demographic study to identify key community organizations for the city to work with to reach target populations. Using this research, the intern may help organize surveys, workshops or other creative activities to engage targeted community members. This outreach effort will support the update of Alameda’s Hazard Mitigation Plan and Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Plan.

Logistical details

This is a part-time position that requires 10-12 hours a week for 12 weeks, from June 1 to August 20 (the exact dates can be negotiated). We intend to offer a $1000-1500 stipend but are in the process of securing funding, so the stipend is not guaranteed. Due to shelter-in-place requirements, the internships will be conducted remotely.

About the organization

CASA was formed in 2008 as a nonprofit partner of the City of Alameda in order to support the implementation of the City’s first climate action plan. CASA’s membership holds expertise in a variety of local sustainability sectors, including housing, transportation, zero waste, energy, and climate adaptation. For the last three years, CASA has partnered with City staff to supervise interns working on sustainability research projects. 

How to apply

Send a resume and cover letter to by the end of day Sunday, May 2nd. Please indicate which internship positions you are interested in and why. Students of any educational background are welcome to apply as long as they are able to demonstrate why they are drawn to an internship in local government sustainability policy in this moment of their career.