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Zero Waste: The conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials without burning and with no discharges to land, water, or air that threaten the environment or human health.

CASA’s Zero Waste Committee supports initiatives to help Alamedans reduce, reuse and recycle.

Miss Alameda Says “Compost!”

A program with Jessica Robinson (“Miss Alameda”), helps our local restaurants and multi-family complexes to implement best practices for recycling and compost. Through her efforts we are able to go door-to-door distributing compost pails, recycling buddies, and provide technical assistance and support.

ReThink Disposable

Clean Water Action’s regional team was awarded a $400K grant to Unpackage Alameda through June 2019. Rethink Disposable Ambassadors helped Clean Water Action recruit 80+ restaurants to the program and transition from disposable to reusable items. This will help our local restaurants, bars and eateries save money while reducing their impacts of litter (plastics, straws, containers, etc.) on our local Alameda beaches and walkways, and at sea. The “Unpackaging Alameda” Project is estimated to eliminate 6,199,840 pieces of single use food ware annually, preventing 32.34 tons of waste, and collectively saving businesses $139,231 a year.

Trash Talkers

CASA’s trash talkers help residents and visitors to Alameda recycle and compost correctly (putting items in the right bins!) at special events across the city – chili cook-off, pancake breakfast, concerts at the cove, blues and brews and more. Trash talking is a lot of fun. Join us – as we can always use more volunteers! 

Zero Waste Implementation Plan

CASA was instrumental in the development of the City’s first Zero Waste Implementation Plan in 2010 and provided input to the Zero Waste Implementation Plan Update adopted by the City Council in July 2018. Key initiatives to be implemented within the next five years include:

  • Support zero waste culture in Alameda
  • Conduct targeted technical assistance with commercial and multi-family sectors
  • Create a food recovery program and enhance organics management
  • Update Alameda’s construction and demolition debris recycling ordinance and conduct outreach
  • Expand high diversion franchise agreement with waste hauler