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Candidate name: Stewart Chen

FPPC#: 1405434

1. Transportation: As a city council member or mayor, what specific early actions will you take to get people out of single occupancy vehicles?

The Estuary Crossing was a great service and way to utilize ride sharing. I not only want to bring this service back, but to expand it to shuttle residents to BART stations as well as Ferry terminals.


2. Sustainable Development: What does sustainable development mean to you as applied to Alameda? What are three specific measures that the City can undertake that you would endorse?
As the city’s population grows, it is our moral responsibility to the next generation to provide adequate housing. However I also understand that we are an island and can only expand and accommodate a limited number of housing units. Thus, I would propose a controlled development at a pace that we can handle until we reach capacity.


3. Resilience: What does resilience mean to you as applied to Alameda? What are three specific measures that the City can undertake that you would endorse?
Resilience is broadening discussion to include measures to protect and manage our ecosystem, mitigate traffic, and
provide adequate housing for our residents. It is crucial that the discussion also include budget, and addressing quality of life issues; including public safety.

Mitigating traffic is a big concern and I fully endorse any discussion that will lead to progression of the Oakland- Alameda project (formerly discussed and dissected many years ago under the “Broadway-Jackson project” rubric). Limiting delays will help greatly ease any traffic concerns.

I endorse any city recommendation to designate more open spaces for the public; such as, but not limited to places for jogging/walking/biking, parks, and wild life reserves.

I will endorse more funding to fully staff our police department. I will also pledge to modernize public safety and push for policies to provide the best tools and techniques to make our communities safer.


4. Sea Level Rise: In order to protect Alameda from sea level rise, are you more in favor of further hardening or armoring the perimeter of Alameda or a soft living edges approach?

Sea level rise is inevitable. As greenhouse gas effects and global warming trends continue, sea level rise will only get worse. Curtailing our GHG emission and carbon footprints is a crucial step. Looking into building some sort of sea wall to protect our coastline is also a viable possibility.


5. Energy: Would you support a city ordinance that requires new construction to include electric vehicle charging facilities or be EV ready, and comply with solar net Zero Building Standards? Would you support energy efficiency standards beyond those required by Cal Green? How would you address our existing buildings to reduce their carbon impact?
I believe any incentive programs to reduce our carbon footprints are great and have 100% of my support. I believe that city ordinances requiring new construction to include including energy efficient home appliances, light fixtures, and hybrid or electric vehicles will only benefit the city. It is our moral responsibility to take care of the world we live in and sometimes that means going above the required standard.
I would also like to see an incentive program for developers to build/modify more LEED certified buildings in our city.


6. Zero Waste: How would you enforce the City of Alameda’s Mandatory Recycling Ordinance (Alameda Municipal Code Section 21-2.1(b))? Would you support siting a Center for Hard to Recycle Materials/Education Center in Alameda (similar to the El Cerrito Recycling Center)?
Social media outlets are on a rise right now, and we need to take advantage of that. Collaborating with local papers and social media platforms in coordinating massive public outreach is a viable option.
In addition, adopting the concept of an Educational center will also help bring access and awareness.


7. SF Bay Ecosystem: Alameda may soon be designated as a HOPE spot by Mission Blue. What specific actions can Alameda take to protect and restore the life of our bay and waterways?

Designate more areas in our city as open spaces.
When I was on City council, I pushed forward a City resolution to reserve 500 acres of land at Alameda Point as Open Space designation. Protecting our storm drains is also a priority by aggressively going after violators.


8. Climate Action Plan: Given the recent California wildfires, extreme weather events and rising global temperatures how will you support the increasingly urgent funding and implementation of the measures identified in the Climate Action Plan update?
The recent environmental issues pose an immediate risk and makes them a priority. Working with city staff in identifying conventional and non-conventional funding sources such as federal, state funding and private charities, foundations, international organizations and grants will greatly help the cause.