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100% Clean Energy!

Alameda has its own community-owed municipal utility, Alameda Municipal Power (AMP). AMP is managed by an independent Public Utilities Board which guides AMP’s policies.

On January 1, 2020, AMP began providing 100% non-carbon power to all customers. “Non-carbon” includes both renewable power (geothermal, landfill gas, wind) and large hydroelectric power (which is not considered “renewable” under state law but is a clean energy source).


  • Increasing purchases of renewable power once current contracts expire beginning in 2023
  • Investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including energy efficiency
  • Promoting electric vehicles and installing EV charging stations throughout Alameda
  • Promoting rooftop solar, community solar and solar schools
  • Imagining the “utility of the future” and ensuring AMP’s long-term sustainability


Existing Building Decarbonization

During spring semester 2021, three students from UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy supported the City and CASA in developing recommendations and best practices for electrification of existing buildings in Alameda. This will be a major effort of CARP implementation going forward. 

See link to FINAL Alameda Electrification Presentation and FINAL Electrifying Existing Residential Buildings in Alameda.

Electrifying Alameda Homes: What’s in the Works?

Now that we have 100% clean energy, we need to reduce our reliance and natual gas and “electrify” our buildings. Building energy use represents 27% of Alameda’s greehouse gas emissions. Most of these emissions come from natural gas. CASA has partnered with the City of Alameda to develop a website for residents: with resources on energy efficiency, weatherization and electrification.

The City of Alameda will soon consider passage of a building code ordinance requiring all-electric development for new buildings.


On April 8, 2021, CASA partnered with the League of Women Voters of Alameda to present a webinar to update Alamedans on current opportunities for reducing home emissions and shaping future building regulations.

See link to the presentation slides:

Electrifying Alameda – Ann McCormick, Alameda Municipal Power

Home Electrification – What We Can Do Now – Andy Lentz, CLEAResult

Climate Action & Resilience – Danielle Mieler, City of Alameda

See link to video recording of the session.