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Join students across Alameda in sharing what you are GRATEFUL for this 50th Earth Day!


Dear Alameda Families – Happy Earth Week! 

For the 50th anniversary of Earth Day (Wed, April 22, 2020) Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA) and its citywide Alameda Green Schools Committee are inviting students (K-12) to use their voices — by writing a letter to Alameda’s City leaders about what they are “grateful” for on this Earth Day AND how we can keep improving our climate!

Alameda is a special place! Over the last few years, our city staff & leadership have worked very hard on implementing MANY initiatives to both preserve and promote a more sustainable environment across Alameda — and this practice continues. We are lucky to live in this beautiful island community amongst beaches, trees, parks, bike paths, wild flowers, coastal species, stunning views and more. During this challenging time of COVID-19, we still have much to be thankful for as we Shelter-in-Place. 

As we think this week about our environment, climate change and the kind of Alameda we want to see in the future — let’s take a minute to highlight for our city leaders what we already have to appreciate today about where we live. We’re confident that they can use some “positive” feedback, given all else they are working to solve :).   

Let’s also think about at least one way we can individually or collectively improve our local climate and share this too. Have a look at the ideas below or dream up your own!

Next Steps 

Please write or help your child write a hand-written or typed letter (“optional” template below).

  • Letters should be in a student’s own words; 1 page max
  • Artwork is encouraged!
  • A PHOTO is encouraged! 
    • (i.e. A photo riding a bike down your favorite street, or bike path? walking near your favorite beach views? next to a nearby park? smelling spring flowers? climbing a great tree? planting your garden? enjoying blue skies and clean(er) air?)
  • Letters with artwork and/or photos may be displayed at City Hall!! 

Where to Send Letters? 

Please email letters & photos to:, or

Drop-off letters & photos in the CASA box at either address below by May 8th:

All letters will be given to Mayor Ashcraft and Alameda City Council in mid-May. 

If we receive more letters/photos/drawings after May 8th, we will be sure to pass them along.

We look forward to hearing what students have to say!

(Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda, Green Schools Committee)


(Modify as you wish):

Dear Mayor Ashcraft and Alameda City Council Members,

I am grateful for ___________________ in Alameda on this 50th Earth Day. I feel this way because _________________.

One way I think we can keep improving our climate in Alameda is to _______________.

(pick one or dream up your own)

waste less food because…

plant more trees, plants and gardens because…

bring our reusable bags, mugs, and take-out containers because…

walk, roll, and carpool or ride-share because…

refuse, reuse, repair, recycle, and rot because…

use less water because…

eat less meat because…

choose renewable energy because…

plan for climate change because… 

Here is a drawing or photo of my favorite place in Alameda.


Student Name